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The advertising agency that’s not an advertising agency

It might sound a bit strange, creating advertisements for brands yet not calling yourself an advertising agency. But we prefer to call ourselves an Agency for Brand and Client Activation, as that is what we stand for: activation. We engage consumers. Acquiring directly measurable results.


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Do you want to know how we can help promote your company or brand? Our office is situated in the eye-catching ‘blob’ in the centre of Eindhoven. You are more than welcome to visit us. Or, we could visit you. Contact Rowan Zomers or Wouter Aarts for more information.

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HAPPY NEWS! De Happy Horizon groep verwelkomt een nieuw zusje: Happy Stories. Een creatief-strategisch bureau voor branding en storytelling, met als expertise positionering en (her)activatie van producten en diensten. Met…

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The advertising agency that's more than just an advertising agency.

But what sets Happy Cactus apart from the others? A regular advertising agency generally thinks in terms of pretty campaigns and fun ideas. Happy Cactus thinks primarily in terms of desired client behaviour and growth strategies. In measurable results. We view marketing through a different mind-set. We, too, develop campaigns in the end, but not exclusively just that.

By thinking out-of-the-box and using our final objective as our starting point, we generally perceive ways that are much more effective. A client survey can sometimes provide more publicity than advertising. Or sometimes, a campaign isn't the solution, but en entirely new business model. And sometimes, the best advertisements find their beginning not on TV but in the company canteen. Amongst your own employees. So, thinking in terms of an advertising agency does not always achieve the best results. But an agency such as Happy Cactus does.

The advertising agency with more than 25 years of experience.

It's comforting to know an agency's proven track record. Well, we can reassure you: Happy Cactus has more than 25 years of experience in Brand and Client Activation. And more than 15 years of experience with digital media.

With over 40 employees. Almost all of them specialists who complement each other flawlessly and efficiently. Some with years of experience in direct marketing, retail, brand development and e-commerce. Others still young, but highly specialised and determined.

Altogether we have more than 100 colleagues. As part of the Happy Horizon Group we work together with the people from our sister agencies Happy Leads, Happy Idiots, Happy Online, Happy & Healthy and Happy Heroes.

The advertising agency in Eindhoven.

Happy Cactus is situated in one of the most striking offices in Eindhoven: the Blob. A choice we haven't ever regretted. Creativity flourishes best in an inspiring environment. Which the Blob most certainly is. The futuristic architecture breathes creativity. Which is why we feel ourselves at home here.

The advertising agency that belongs on your short-list.

As you are visiting our website, chances are you are looking for a new advertising company. And if so, chances are that you are bothered by something. Your sales are low, for example. People are having trouble finding your website. You barely profit from mobile traffic. Your emails are below standard. Your last multichannel campaign was pitiful. Or maybe it's something else. You are interested in creating a start-up company and looking for an experienced marketing partner. You plan on entering the Belgian or German market. You are interested in learning how to improve your return from Facebook and other social media. Your style needs an upgrade. Whatever it is, you are looking for an agency that is able to help you. Our advice? Contact a few agencies that are on your list. Put us on your list too. And let your instincts decide. As they often contain more wisdom then you think.

Do you want to make an appointment now? Call Heidi Anthonis of Janine de Vocht.

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